Into The Wild

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We all dream of that picturesque place that is far away from our city, where we don’t have to worry about emails, phone calls and daily tasks. We would just want to enjoy a peaceful day looking at mountains, valleys and rivers and breathe  fresh unpolluted air.

One fine day i packed my bag and decided to go on a solo trip . No planing ,No thinking  just  wanted to live with nature and do all the crazy things .

My journey -Into The Wild

Lived in a tent in the Himalayan range for few days



trekked 64 km  just to experience  how it feels to be at top of the mountain (18000 ft )




I got emotional when i saw the Trishul covered with snow for the first time and realized how small and insignificant i am

Tears were rolling from my eyes out of happiness :)




Explored Parvati valley on my own ,Only guide  i had was one dog and few small kids from the neighbor village  who become my friends  and later turned into photographers :)





i believed man were born to fly and yes i too flew

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