We found Nemo

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One of the most popular fish in our generation – Nemo. Kids can so easily relate to this fish. The excitement when our kids, Mahika and Aria saw this little fish underwater of the Islands of Andaman while snorkelling and diving, was unparalleled.

In Apr-2014, we made a trip to The Andamans. Here is an excerpt of the travel diary:

On 6-Apr-14, it was a snorkeling-cum-diving trip to South Button Island. Up at 5am and ready with breakfast to take the 90 min boat-ride, we were at the beach around 7am. Along with Dive Master Remco to ferry us, we waddled through the waters on to the boat which took us to the island. We spent time listening to tales from Remco, about the Japanese invasions during WWII and buried treasures.

Quite literally, this South Button is a small little island in the Andaman Sea. A current took us around the island while we snorkel and stare at the wild life in the beaming mid-morning sun. We floated around looking at some beautiful Angel fish, butterfly fish, coral. It was stunning!! Shoals of fish right next to you maybe a little surprised that we are around there. Unforgettable!!

Diary: https://www.facebook.com/notes/nikhil-bagri/we-found-nemo/10152424995533690

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