Watch out for the Weirdass Pajama Festival 2016

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Watch out for this years Weirdass Pajama festival 2016 curated by Vir Das, as it gears up to hit the news headlines with a storm of laughter!


What to Expect at the festival?

According to the organisers… expect a ‘Nation in Mourning‘…

There are few things that can ruin your day like reading the headlines. Nothing will make you gnash your teeth and ball up your fists like the state of the country you live in. Well, we are going to turn all that on its head.

Weirdass Comedy presents the craziest and largest news comedy show ever performed. Come read the newspaper of the day, watch the news of the week, recap the year that was and witness a debate from hell on a Sunday morning. Comedians, sketch, improv, panel discussions, mindless yelling and important issues will be discussed by people with even more issues.

Spend your morning at our Grand Pajama discussing the state of the Indian nation with comedians Vir Das, Rohan Joshi, Ashish Shakya, Sorabh Pant and others with a panel of authors, opinion makers, celebrities and even news anchors. If you thought our news channels were funny, you ain’t seen nothing yet.



Bengaluru 29th January 2016

Kolkata 30th January 2016

Delhi 31st January 2016

Jaipur 2nd February 2016

Chandigarh 3rd February 2016

Ahmedabad 3rd February 2016

Goa 4th February 2016

Pune 5th February 2016

Mumbai 6th – 7th February 2016



Video: Weirdass Comedy

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