Undiscovered treasure

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My first trip to Mumbai was a whirlwind one. I did not manage to go to many places. The second time, I got lucky. My eager Mumbai friends took me to so many places and the city grew on me. They took me to beaches and temples and other heritage places around. But no one told me about the massive Sanjay Gandhi National Park, that looks like a quiet giant sleeping dragon behind the popular Film City.

I saw so may varieties of plants and animals and birds there. I never knew I was this interested in flora and fauna until then. For instance, a football resembling fruit apparently helped the monkeys, who unknowingly poisoned themselves, to retch out the poison! Nature’s miracle is seriously infinite. And we were taken atop a watch tower, from where the forest guards kept an eye on the surroundings. From there, we could see a vast expanse of vegetation, and then abruptly the high-rise. Truly, Mumbai is a city of contrasts. This was one beautiful experience.

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