For those who told me to go take a jump

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A big ‘Mabuhai’ (welcome) from Tali beach in the Philipines comes from the bluest waters I have ever seen. My band of 21 Philipino girls and I venture to go cliff jumping.


A cliff towers over an ever reaching sea that peers all way to the bed. My gear—All the courage I can muster. I stand some 25 odd feet above the water, heart thumping like the jungle drum of Jumanji. My every instinct tells me not to jump and the only encouragement—my Philipino counterparts singing ‘I believe YOU can Fly.’


I whisper “courage dear heart” and take the plunge. At this point I would have imagined profound thoughts of freedom and flight come to my head, but all I can think is …. ‘Nope, take me back, I don’t want to jump’ and I crash into the sea. As I rose up through the rush of bubbles, I have never felt so alive in my life. I dip my head in the water to find a school of electric blue clown fish quizzically circling me, as if to say ‘whatcha doing in our part of the neighbourhood?’



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