Though the eyes of a bird: “Wing-ing” down onto the Mediterranean Sea

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G0016709__1438168695_93.169.236.48 G0026750__1438168881_93.169.236.48 G0086882__1438169721_93.169.236.48 DSCF1204__1438168505_93.169.236.48I tried out tandem paragliding off Mount Babadag ( height: 2000 m) overlooking the Oludeniz beach, rated one of the best photographed beaches in the world, located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey at Fethiye in Jul-15. This was a first experience for me and unique one at that, given that this location is one of the best places in the world to paraglide offering panoramic views with of the aquamarine sea hugging the town of Oludeniz. Staring at the runway falling into the abyss was sure to give any first timer jitters but my flying buddy, Sevat was quick to unpack the gear and I was soon hooked up and ready to go. Once airborne looking down the green tree top on the mountain below was the first impression of the flight and that was quite an exciting feeling. My partner had me at ease, rattling off quick facts and being quick on selfie stick too. The decent went smooth and there was a feeling of “hanging in the air” throughout the flight. Following this trip I have already looked up top 10 places to paraglide and am planning my next ‘rush’ moment

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