The StrayDog Jam Room, rocking across the country!

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SD_jamroom_logo_finalThe Stray Dog Jam Room is one of the newest additions to the Bacardi NH7 Weekender stable, and enthusiasm about it has been riding high ever since the tent took off in the Kolkata leg of the festival (head here for details of how Mutemath had a blast there). It had travelled to the Bangalore edition next, and it’s now being set up in Pune at the time of writing, where the impromptu musical performances promise to carry on at Laxmi Lawns.

But, in the weekend that came as a break between Kolkata and Bangalore, the jam room didn’t sit idle. The tent was open for operations at Richardson and Cruddas, the converted foundry that was the venue for Harley Rock Riders, where the headlining act was the same band that had a blast at the jam room in Kolkata – Mutemath. And this time, Kanan Gill, too, took up residency (so to speak) at the tent.

A comedian who dabbles in music a la Flight of the Concords, Gill displayed an impressive level of proficiency over the available instruments – a drum kit, guitar, bongo, keyboards, microphone and bass. He, in fact, was performing a musical comedy sketch at HRR with Kenny Sebastian under the moniker, Such Nice Boys. And true to that name, Gill was nice enough to jam with anyone and everyone who wanted to perform with him in the jam room, playing Metallica covers among other popular hits.

It is this same camaraderie between the professionals and lay musicians that will now be emulated at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Pune. Some of the artists that previously dropped by to the tent during the Kolkata and Bangalore editions include Fossils, Houdini Dax, Skrat and, of course, Mutemath. Expect more people of their stature to say ‘Hi’ at the tent. But, there were also a couple of kids who’re still to hit their teens, and yet knocked the socks off their audience with their music in Kolkata (read more about them here). You, too, could do the same in Pune, or in Delhi, for that matter, when the next Bacardi NH7 Weekender is held there. For, the Stray Dog Jam Room will be travelling to the Capital as well, and even after that, you can rest assured that its wheels will remain in spin.

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