The Pandemonium of Everything

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God would have had great confusion in positioning the tongue, mouth, nose and other places that make symphony sounds. Like, where to put what. And I think a lot of logic, both physical and psychological would have gone in to place things at their correct places. Now imagine yourself having two noses and one ear, with both of them having interchanged their positions. No! you won’t look weird actually, because then we would have the other thing as our standard of weirdness, but there would be some other real issues, while sneezing, especially. Imagine! Both your hands carrying handkerchiefs and you cover your head from both the sides, to cover up the sneeze in time. Oh my God! that would be a rush hour. Could be a great moment for videographers longing to take slow motion videos.

Then you would say something weird as per the present standards.

Excuse Excuse me me… God God Bless Bless you you.. !

Note for the jokedeafs: You are going to say this because you are sneezing from both sides. So, you will repeat your excuse me and hear God bless you from both the side witnesses.

So one day our English professor was teaching us phonetics, and while telling things about the voiced and voiceless sounds, he told us a brilliant technique to identify whether the sound is voiced or voiceless. Now, it’s like you say the word, while keeping both your ears closed with hands, and then try to feel if there is buzzing sound. The buzzing sound is the meter of whether the word is voiced or voiceless.

Now try saying nasal words, every such word will echo. No woofers required anymore for.

And moreover, you are sitting normally and your mouth, not you suddenly speaks up, Hey dude, I am bored sitting, I want to change my place with your eyes”, and then you act generous, do what it says, then what?

You wake up the next morning, habitual of rubbing your eyes every morning start rubbing something else, until it blurts out “Get you dirty hand off me!”, and then your eyes would shout when you sheepishly pour the regular morning cereal into them. “Bare with me man, take this cereal somewhere else !” and they would close themselves.

Things are cool the way they are, they are where they are for a purpose. If someone mindlessly tampers and screws things up, things would get past the threshold. The above stated things are imaginary, but the reality is far more shameless, you know it, I know it. We live in a world where we study like someone else, to be ourselves. A hypocritical planet where we are taunted for eating fries and burgers, products of human imagination, an inheritance from the planet; where we are mocked at for not reading books and wasting time on the computer.

Generations have passed and people having been screwing up things for ages expecting us to now de-screw them.

Oh! lots of trouble happening around

So just flush them and move on.

Wait! this is the same buzzing sound! new message * hurry*!

I am the most jobless guy around, still couldn’t make it on Wednesday. I hope you get that this article on pandemonium is a pandemonium itself. See! I told you. No, I think I didn’t. Well, the vicious cycle of pandemonium.

Ashish (Official StrayDog Blogger)

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