The Musical Journey of Mood Indigo

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The mystical journey of Mood indigo started on 18th dec morning, entered the the college at 11 in the morning with my engineering exams over was all free to enjoy the event. The college was decorated like a Dulhan, the nerdy college looked beautiful.

After waiting in the registration Que I got my moodi band and was ready to roam. Even in the morning I saw a whole lot of people. It was a 4 day event and was amaze to see the schedule.
Strolling in winter breeze in the Campus gave an amazing feeling.
Since it was in the morning the music events had not started so I headed toward KV area for some fun events like paint ball (which gave me a feeling of playing counter strike in real world). Other events like land zorbing, zorb football were also exciting.
Strolling here and their I went towards the canteen, where the food was delicious 😋.
Had an Arabian wrap which was mouth watering.
After restoring my energy I went to see various artefacts which were there for display.
The sand castle just blew my mind, it was so huge and perfect 👌.
The minion looked so cute like it was waiting to welcome me.
Then I went to attend some performances by participants, which were mind blowing.
Those guys were awesome, hats off.
Then came heard some peeps discussing about fashion show.
So headed towards convocation hall for that, was mindblowed seeing the beauties, they were too hot, loved it lot.

After enjoying the beauties, then came the brave dangerous fire 🔥 show.
The fireshow just made the day watching them taking risks, those guys were awesome.
The atmosphere became all pumped up seeing those guys.
Then came the most romantic night of my life “Shaan” performing love songs of Kishore Kumar.
There was love in the air, his voice was a pleasure to here, I just can’t describe his performance.
The long wait in the que to attend his show, all the hardship was worth it.
The lovely day ended with his voice

For all 4 day experience plz go to

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