Surfing & Volcano Hiking in HAWAII !

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After I jumped from a plane at 13000 feet in Abbotsford ,Canada I thought I’d face a tough time to find something that would challenge me even more .My exploration in the islands of Hawaii has raised that bar even more. Waikiki Beach in Hawaii which claims to be the origin of Surfing left me amazed. Surfing is pure adventure yet blissful, challenging yet calming. Although I struggled for the longest time before I could balance myself on this huge surf board with strong waves behind me, I gave in my all and eventually succeeded to ride on the waves. The sense accomplishment was amazing, something that I’d never felt before, something that I’d recommend to everyone.DSCN6928Although exhausted, I started to search for the other wonders Hawaii has to offer. IMG_8549I’d thought of tropical islands to be lush green and beaches but I was thrilled to witness the live volcanic eruptions in Big Island.

Went in the morning to the VolcIMG_8442ano National Park and was desperately curious as to hIMG_8423ow it



looks in the night when the misty steams reveal blazing red Lava .The hike at mid-night was shockingly chilly be astonishingly worth it.

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