StrayDog Drummer @ Bollywood Music Project

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The StrayDog JamRoom a hit once again!

The StrayDog JamRoom at the Bollywood Music Project, held at Jio Garden, BKC, this Friday 30th September and 1st October 2016, was an absolute hit with the crowds giving it a full thumbs up. Anyone and everyone who was musically inclined gave it a try, there were eager parents jamming with their talented kids, there were college goers, there were pro’s, all of whom had a blast at the StrayDog JamRoom.

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There was a moment there when between acts, the crowd surged to nearly a 100 bystanders who gathered at the StrayDog JamRoom to check out the talented amateur musicians trying their hand at the instruments.

The winner of the StrayDog Drummer contest is…

This one calls for a drumroll!! We are happy to announce the StrayDog Drummer contest winner is 14 year old, child prodigy, Aditya Bhagavatula from New Delhi.

Aditya managed to hold his own against some of the top gun drummers in the country and won the StrayDog drummers contest. Aditya got to perform a 10 minute solo to the packed audience at the Bollywood Music Festival.

Aditya’s love for the drums goes back to his childhood. Aditya was curious about sound since he was 2 years old. As a kid he would try and create sound out of spoons and plates, he always liked the rhythm. At the age of 4 he wanted his very own drum set, when refused by his parents, he went on a full blown hunger strike!!


Aditya winner

He was very focused and always knew what he wanted and worked hard to get this way. Aditya says his drumming helps him express himself and the whole energy about it keeps him going on. Aditya is a part of the Delhi Drum Circle. He has been trained in Darbuka for over 4 years.

Apart from drumming Aditya is a fan of cooking, he loves spreading some joy with his home cooked yummy food.



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