Sky is the limit- And we tested it!

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Divya Dubai

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Before starting I would like to clear that I cannot have 200 words encapsulate a “story”! All of our adventures were episodes which together constitute our quest for never ending fun! Me and my husband are travel junkies and do not go as tourists to see the places but as travelers. We take in the place with its view, people and culture to offer. We love adventure and are always on a look out for it hence scuba-diving happened in Andamans, Bungee in Nepal and Sky Diving in Dubai. While Nepal taught us that its people are very humble and very close to their culture, Andamans showed us how lazy one can get! The lifestyle there is very laid back and everyone seems to be in a holiday mood forever! Dubai for us became the London – all shine and sophistication. At SkyDive Dubai we came across a guy who during his stopover had come to experience the thrill of dropping from 13000 feet and watching The Palm below! In a nutshell, I urge everyone to go get busy living an adventure.

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