Be very Scared ! The Hanging Coffins and Sagada Caves

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The ONLY place in the world ,where coffins were not buried in soil,but hanged! Trekking through mountains to see these hanging coffins were worth it. so what  next ? THE SAGADA CAVES Caves were as adventurous as the name sounds. I can’t explain much about this place , the pictures are self explainatory! Perhaps , of my all Adventurous , i actually feared in doing this one ! C360_2015-06-14-16-44-43-784 Yes that’s me in grey tshirt , and my friend clicked this while we were entring the caves ! No life jacket No ropes/ harness It’s just you ! and once you enter , you can’t go back ! you need to complete it in order to go out . which takes 4-5 hours almost ! IMG_20150614_173236

a picture of my friends coming down from steep rocks ,which were slippery !



it was absolute dark inside ! no light at all , plus you could feel the presence of bats above you. Our tour guides carried Gas lamps to help us see the way



and it was not just caves , we also had to cross Rivers with chilling water inside the caves with water around 4.5 feet high.




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