Say Hello to A Cow’s Ear

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My first ever solo trip, to Gokarna (Cow’s Ear), an increasingly popular beach getaway 140 km from Goa made me face the beautiful waves of solitude that I had yearned for long. Though the strangeness and unfamiliarity was more pronounced because I was alone, I was far kinder to myself than I usually am. There were stretches when I kept joking audibly to myself as if one would talk to a dear friend. Being alone on a trip is many things in one – satisfying, boring, revealing and frightening. There were times when I had epiphanies about my life and when I was certain if I didn’t share it with someone then and there, the moment would be lost forever. There were times when I felt extremely vulnerable to the vagaries of nature. There are two distinct things I learnt about being a human being that day – the nature of fear and the nature of compassion. It’s amazing how far fear can spread when it often is only in our heads. Equally amazing was the realization that we are essentially all the same, just a victim of our circumstances.





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