Ride of the Largest Bird -The Ostrich

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Ostrich n Shashank

Oudtshoorn, a little town in South Africa is the Ostrich Capital of the World, with plenty of Ostrich farms with thousands of Ostriches in each farm. I had visited the Safari Ostrich Show Farm. The guide then took us to the area where you can ride the crazy ostriches. They had taken my signatures , that they are not responsible for any injury or loss of life. The criteria to ride was that you had to be less than 70 kilos, I was. The Jockey made me wear shoe caps, and helped me get over the Ostrich. The ride began, I was on something so hard, bone of the ostrich, covered with extremely soft feathers and saw other Ostriches running here and there. I was successful in the Ostrich Ride and was given a Certificate too. It was a lifetime experience and an unforgetable one. The Ostrich farm tour ended with a race between two jockeys on Ostrich backs. Later we were taken to a Curio Shop where several products made from Ostrich feathers,eggs were available and we bought a decorated Ostrich Egg.

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Ostrich n Shashank Ostrich Ride Certificate

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