When Phoolandevi refused to budge….

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Phoolandevi refused to budge….not the dacoit  but the great Indian tusker at  Kaziranga National Park!!

She stood still attentively listening to the sounds that the wind carried and trumpeted loudly, searching and signalling… desperately. She stopped in her tracks and would take us no further.

A mother always worries…and wild beast mothers are no different. Her few months old son ‘Babu’ accompanied us along on the safari fooling around a few paces here and there just like my daughter who throws caution to winds if I am around.


All was fun and we enjoyed the little elephant’s pranks who just wasn’t heeding to his giant mother’s little grunts and tugs. But while we were passing through the tall razor-edged elephant-grass, ‘Babu’ got lost and headed in other direction. We of course were not aware of this little mishap, but a mother’s instincts had kicked in. First she slowed down her pace expecting the baby to catch up. The mahout kept pushing her. As we came to a clearing, Phoolandevi could take it no more. She kept trumpeting loudly till a panicky ‘Babu’ replied back and returned safely!

Our safari though delayed was finally, back on track.

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