Packing a Peccary

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Few years back I visited Jaguar Conservation Fund in Serrado region of Brazil as an Earthwatch volunteer. JCF is trying to  build awareness among local people not to kill jaguars. In JCF orphaned jaguar cubs are tended until they can be relocated back to the wild. We constructed peccary traps to radio collar them as peccaries are an important food source of jaguars . Highlight of our effort was catching a group of peccaries in our pen, capturing one of them by a sturdy butterfly-catching net, putting radio collar on it. We also spotted a wild jaguar that was radio collared and released in the wild by JCF.  The experience changed my thinking perspective as I am now more involved in wildlife preservation in a rational and scientific way. I learned many new activities such as putting camera traps, using GPRS and putting data in it. I saw many exotic animals such as giant anteaters, armadillos, tapirs, capibaras, macaws etc. Most importantly I made many friends with people of various nationalities.

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