Open Spot @ CLC, Mumbai

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Rules & Regulations:

  • Contest is eligible only for members who are 18 – 24 years of age
  • Participate in the contest only through a single entry, following requirements as mentioned below.
  • Entries must be in the form of a video. Kindly share the link with us after uploading the video on a site that can be accessed by us.
  • All content must be original and shouldn’t be copied. Self plagiarism in the form of submitting content which has been published on your blog/website is not permitted.
  • StrayDog has the rights to use the material submitted by you with prior consent.
  • Your entry will go through a series of selections before you perform at StrayDog Nights.
  • StrayDog & Canvas Laugh Club reserve the right in the selection of participants.
  • Participation in the contest implies full acceptance of the rules of the competition.


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