One Journey, Many Teachings

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En route Gurudongmar

Spontaneous. Unplanned. Intrepid. Exhilarating. Exactly how our journey was in the summer of 2014 when we three likeminded teenagers randomly decided to explore Sikkim. We secured reservations at Army guest houses, but there was no mode of transport. So walking, trekking, hitchhiking, tumbling, swinging and running through the northern Lachung, Lachen and Chungthang provinces with the mighty Teesta flowing by, were our free saviours! Sumos, Scorpios, Army Tonners and cattle became our GPS.

En route Gurudongmar lake, we had lipsmacking chai and momos at 15,000 feet, in snow. We managed to cause the Army men initiate a search operation for “Three Missing Kids” when our parents couldn’t trace us for three days!

Trekking up a random mountain leading us to an Army communication centre, even above the flying helicopters, taught us that it’s phenomenal to take risks. Experiencing a landslide and coming close to death taught us to live each moment. The long wait for vehicles on the unknown hilly roads taught us to have patience and trust. The free hotel stays, food, lifts and stories, when we were helpless and lost, received from strangers along the journey, instilled our faith in humanity and friendship. Our gratitude to that journey!

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