Moonlit Dinner of a Different Kind

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“Wow! This is going to be different” Joy whispered. There was a frightening silence at that dusk hour, with an occasional call of a Macaque to set the tone for the events ahead. We were looking up at a machan, our place for the night’s stay that overlooks a vast open field. It was going to be a night of adventure, having a moonlit dinner atop this giant tree set in absolute wilderness

Here we are at India’s youngest tiger reserve, Parambikulam in Kerala, getting ready for one of the most exclusive experiences of life.

And we were up there with moon lighting up the stage. Hefty & shining black gaurs were just below us, totally unaware of the intruders sitting right above them. We heard some movement of dry leaves up above us on the steep slope of a hill. And we spotted a hefty sloth bear rolling down the hills towards our tree.

A little later, towards our left, we noticed some commotion with the deer families running for cover and all gaurs looking head up. A majestic tiger had made a quick appearance a little past midnight!

It was indeed a very special night!


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