A Mighty Himalayan Adventure!

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Forelsket (a euphoria; beginning of love)

Here’s our story.

Following what was a long drive from Delhi to the cinematographic state of Himachal Pradesh, my husband and I reached the start point of our trek, McLeod Ganj, seat of The Dalai Lama.

We made our way up the hill blossoming with rhododendron and abundant pine forests, to Dharmkot. After halting for a chai, we headed towards the top, heaving our backpacks of tents and sleeping bags, with the summer sky and the mountain air for cover.

An hour of climbing later, we decided to camp in the evening light with the glorious, snow-capped Mun Peak of the Dhauladhars, for a view.


On continuing our steep hike to summit, early next morning, it was the company of the locals and their tales, tea house owners and their aromatic cardamom tea, and the smell of warm food, that also made it worth our journey.

We reached our destination, Triund, late that afternoon where we stood witness to an ever-indelible sight – the jagged peaks of the mighty Himalayas in all its strength. It left us in a trance, numinous.



Well, “The world is like that – incomprehensible and full of surprises.”


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