Mermaid For A Day! :)

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We are one big happy family who love to go backpacking atleast once a year. And this time it was to the Andamans. Our 2 hour ferry ride to the Havelock Island was the closest I’ve ever been to a horror film in reality. The journey turned out to be a mini rollercoaster with bumpy speed breakers. Thankfully, we came out unscathed except for a mild seasickness.

Serene and Surreal

Serene and Surreal

Ready for the dive ^_^

Ready for the dive ^_^

Our adventure continued with a scuba dive the next day.My instructor guided me through the waters and I could see large coral reefs amongst the blue. Just then, I had swallowed the water, followed by a terrible coughing fit. After catching my breath, we went for another round.When a beautiful school of white and gold fish crossed me, I let go of myself and began to enjoy the scene. Thin long silvery fishes, round black spiky ones, different shades and different colours. Mesmerizing and breathtaking!Alas, one has to bow down and accept that the nature’s wrath’s as well as its marine charm are all God’s role play!




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