Madness, friends and Mountains

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It was a weekend and we ‘bunch of Crazy friends’ decided that we should go for cycling in mountains that’s also in Kathgodam in Uttarakhand & we will spend the least amount of money.

So, we took trains from delhi and due to paucity of space we need to sit on the gate and which was great fun.


Joga kam hain…yaheen beth ja yaar.

On reaching Kathgodam we realised it’s one of the cleanest stations in India. Though now the issue was to transfer our cycle to our point of riding & we decided let’s sit on top of buses with our cool bikes(It was mind rocking and shocking ..We had pop corns and omelette sandwiches for our company :))


Let’s ride on top of buses

The trip was awesome and it rained the day we planned to ride but then who was there to stop and we actually passed cars on our way and finally felt like a winner.

Winners after riding 190 kms in Himalayas

Winners after riding 190 kms in Himalayas

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