Konkan from above

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It was 1st week of May 2015. Me, My Girl and My Bike set off to the unexplored areas of Konkan. What we found was a route with scenic beauty, vast ocean and bit of adrenalin. Reaching this place was not easy with 100kms of unpaved roads made me feel like I am riding an endless Motocross Track. All the pain was worth the place we found. Long stretch of white sandy beach, super yum konkani fish and solkadhi (Konkani Drink).

Walking on the beach we found an adventure- Parasailing. Well not actual sailing as such but more of a Para-Jeeping. Reason- Instead of a boat we were tied to a Jeep.

I asked the guy if I could hold my GoPro with a Selfie Stick. (You should have seen his face). He agreed but said “Aapki Jimmedari”

Thus began an adventure which lasted approx. 2 mins. Feeling light and high at the same time. It was something else. No matter how much vocabulary you put in describing the experience but you won’t get it unless you do it yourself.

Up I go

Up I go


I am GoPro



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