The other kind of 4-Wheel drive

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It was time. Our long anticipated month-long Himalayan road trip was upon us. A motley crew of six of us started from Hyderabad in our ever-so-faithful Toyota Innova on a week long journey before we were able to set foot in the Himalayas.

Soon after, we set off from Manali to Leh, on possibly the most extraordinary adventure of our lives. We braved dust storms, blizzards, landslides, treacherous river crossings (Try that in a packed Innova. I dare you!), and not to mention, no bathrooms (We were camping)! It was the trip of a lifetime. More so for one of our dear friends who discovered vertigo.

Halfway down up the route to Leh, close to a town called Istingiri, a few kilometeres after Keylong, we passed by some truly breath-taking roads. It was then that I unleashed the devil in me, including the skateboard I was hiding. I didn’t need another cue, as I straddled the mountainous curves in sub-zero temperatures with my friends trailing me in the car and of course, death just a few yards away. It was truly unbelievable. I’m going to the Northeast next month, and my skateboard can’t wait.


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    • Thank you so much. I did take pictures. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to add any more pictures apart from the one I already did (The first picture in the gallery) as the contest is closed. :)

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