Kasol & Tosh: Winter is here

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Growing up while watching Disney movies and dreaming to visit the Hogsmeade village, to see a snowfall was at the top of my wish list.

With backpacks on, we started our trek towards Tosh (Himachal Pradesh) when it started raining. And then the rain drops turned white and before we knew it, it was snowing. However, we braved the odds and continued our trek towards the village. The next morning, we were welcomed by 1 feet of snow so we went out for a snowball fight. The village looked something like a Christmas card.img_5633img_5407

We then started down a narrow pathwhen I slipped down the steep slope but was saved by a friend. This deterred us from moving ahead so we asked some locals for help. Even with help, we slipped on the snow and after an hour of getting scratched by trees and rocks, we reached the entrance of the village.  The next day, a thick blanket of snow had covered the village when we started out trek downhill, this time with a local guide.

After three to four hours of slipping (sometimes hanging by the roots of mountain trees), we finally reached Barsheni to experience another town.


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