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The heat in Delhi was getting oppressive, it was also the time when most of us head to the hills. I was in a mood for adventure, somewhere I had not been to??? where Kinnaur?? well a little bit of reading and I zeroed in on KAAZA. A quick visit to the motorcycle repairs guy equipped me with an extra tube and cables for my Enfield 500. Next Day I hit the Road to Chandigarh, started at 4 in the morning to avoid the heat, was joined by 3 other riders there. we spent the first night at Rampur Bushahr after a long ride, next day we reached Kalpa for the Night, here on the roads disappeared, we were in a cold desert, as the Border Roads Organization calls it The most treacherous road in the world. For a 50 yrs old it was a challenge of not only riding 8-10 hours every day  but on animal tracks rather than roads. We reached KAAZA after spending nights at Pooh and Tabo. The surprise was we crossed only 10 odd vehicles on the way from Kalpa to Kaaza. The toughest ride to heaven !!!!

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20 Comments on "“KAAZA CALLS”"

  1. Shabnam Syed Khan

    Hey! I am motivated to board the Pakistan Tourism Bus and explore some place like this breathtaking site as Kaaza…are you still in Kaaza?

  2. Keith Sunderlal

    Great show Aseem – what a wonderful trip this seems to have been. Wish you had provided more meat in your travelogue. Wish I had the courage and determination to undertake such an adventure.

  3. Brigadier Rajeev Varma

    Great effort. Highly commendable. One more place on my bucket list! Thanks. Post some more photos and details of your drive.

  4. saf rizvi

    Lovely pics….. Any info about why the name ‘Kaaza’ of a beautiful place like this which you call heaven… Bcoz Kaaza means death ….

    • Hey Saf, did try to look for what you have mentioned, I wonder if it does mean Death in the local language there, ethnically the people there are more Tibetan, If you notice some other names of towns like, Pooh, it could mean obnoxious stuff in English :-). Hope you got the point.

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