Into the seas we strayed

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The regulator is not where it’s supposed to be. I try to bring it back to my mouth; to regain normal breathing; but I falter. Panic strikes. And now, I’m out of breath. If I don’t come out of the water immediately, my body will become one with the shipwreck that we will be exploring tomorrow. Instinct overtakes. I gulp salty salty water; big gulps; and paddle upwards. Moments later, I’m breathing again; albeit heavily. Thankfully this is just a practice lesson and I was only 5 meters deep in the sea. The actual scuba dive a day later is far easier and replete with awe and amazement, much in contrast to the melodrama of the practice dive.
A day later, two couples take the plunge together, each wishing to experience a new world for the first time, with their choicest ones. Their nationalities differ, but the eccentricity and the gloriousness of the life on and around the ship, wrecked in the Bali sea, inspires them equally. There’s life beyond what we see on land. In water, life goes on aimlessly, at an unfamiliar pace, and leaves a mark on whoever dares to become a part of it.
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