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Hoirong – ‘Leprosy Rhymes With Therapy’


Hoirong are a Delhi-based band who describe their sound as ‘disco punk’, but which at least one music writer has tagged as ‘noise rock’. Either way, there is a definite mellifluous tinge to the overall industrial nature of their sound, which promises to make you jump, sway and head-bang in equal measure. The band released their second album, Dandaniya Apraadh, just over a couple of months ago and are now touring with it. Check out ‘Leprosy Rhymes With Therapy’ below, which is our pick from the offering.



Free Drone — Summer

Akhil Sood is Hoirong’s guitarist, and he recently re-invented himself as a solo artist under the moniker Free Drone. His musical output is a definite departure from the disco punk/noise rock aesthetics of his main band – this is more about settling down on a couch with a glass of wine than about swaying, jumping or head-banging. Kamal Singh, his band mate from Hoirong, who played earlier for Lounge Pyranha, has also contributed on this album, and listen to teasers on the stream below to get an idea of how people’s musical personalities can vary between the different outfits they belong to.


Pangea – ‘This is NG, Taking’


Akshay Rajpurohit of the monstrous metal band, Scribe, is another musician who gives added expression to his art through a second act, Pangea, which has a different sound. Scribe are a hardcore band that can scare a riot away with their songs, but Pangea is a four-piece, instrumental outfit whose tracks are markedly more approachable. They are fresh off the release of ‘This is NG, Taking’, a follow-up single to their debut album – Snails are When I was Young. Check it out below and see how a metal band’s guitarist can also front an outfit that is aligned more to the ethos of rock.







Madboy/Mink – All Ball


Madboy/Mink (real names: Imaad Shah/Saba Azad) are an electro-funk duo who released their debut EP, All Ball, earlier this year. They have been on a rush of tours ever since and, in fact, are one of the few bands that will be playing at all four editions of the Bacardi NH7 Weekender this November. And based on the strength of their live sets that coax the audience into dancing like there’s no tomorrow, Shah and Azad have been making rapid strides in spreading their fun-filled vibe across the indie music circuit. Sample the EP below but before you hit play, do put your dancing shoes on.


Tajdar Junaid – ‘Though I Know’


Tajdar Junaid is a musician from Kolkata who released his debut album, What Colour is Your Raindrop, to critical acclaim last year, cutting across all boards. And recently, news came out of songs from the album being used on The President, an Iranian film that went on to win top accolades at this year’s Chicago International Film Festival. The tracks, such as ‘Though I Know’ linked below, are so peaceful and so hummable that it almost constitutes the stuff that lullabies can be made of, except that the last thing that Junaid’s guitaring will do is put you off to sleep.


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