ICELAND – Land of Fire and Ice…

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Iceland - Skogafoss

Winter is ‘surely’ Coming!!!

When you travel,  an internal brawl always exist, between, exploration and convenience, between curiosity and the safe haven. The decision to test this boundary – A solo travel to Iceland just before the much awaited summer sets in – has been by far one of my finest travel judgments.

Landing into Reykjavik, the northernmost capital in the World, gave a glimpse of what was to be expected.

Along with a fellow traveler, we entailed in an unplanned road trip to the Blue Lagoon and The Golden Circle route, resulting in one of the most stunning touristic trails comprising of the Thingvellir National Park, the Geysir and the Gulfoss.

The day after we set out on a road trip of the Southern Coast of Iceland. The map drawn out on a piece of paper by my local host was one no travel book or any amount of research would have delivered.The Southern Coast is such that, you can stop every 7 minutes and you’re allowed to just drop your jaw in awe.

The landscape in Iceland not only made me believe in fairytale and school drawings, but also in the fact that unicorns and elves exist.


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