Finding ‘Nanhi Pari’

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“Papa where does Nanhi-pari stay!’ asked my two and a half year old daughter.

“Oh she stays far far away – above the tallest-trees, above the highest-mountains, above the softest cloud, above the most beautiful rainbow and among the stars!”

“Papa I want to go meet Nanhi-pari!”

“We shall some day…now close your eyes and go to sleep.” 

So to celebrate our daughter Gurnoor’s 3rd Birthday, we took her on a little adventure – ‘Finding Nanhi-Pari’– A month long Road-Trip from Mumbai to Himachal Pradesh and back covering 8 states and almost 5000km and temperatures ranging from 43 degree C to 10 degree C.

On this trip she discovered a whole new world around her, she met many people and made many friends (including a princess). She saw the tallest-trees, the highest mountains, she felt the softness of the clouds as she walked through one, she saw the beauty of the rainbow and the twinkling stars in the clear night sky. Wandering carefree, seeking joy in the simplest of things, being one with nature, making everyone happy around her. She became a Nanhi-pari herself lending magic to our little adventure and peace to our wanderlust soul!


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