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How to enter the Face of StrayDog™ contest?

  • If you haven’t already done it, first buy a StrayDog™ Tee that defines you the best, by clicking here. Please Note: The Tees take 8 – 10 days to be delivered… so order now to be able to enter the contest!
  • Wear the tee and click a picture of yourself in a manner that displays your unique personality, style or attitude. For example, if you love playing the drums – wear the T- shirt while doing something wacky with the drums OR if you love fashion & beauty, create a look that is unique to you & sets you apart.
  • Upload the pic on instagram with #FaceofStrayDog & tag StrayDog™ (@StrayDogIndia).

  • Stay calm and pray that the StrayDog™ jury loves your attitude & shortlists your entry amongst the top 10 faces.
  • The shortlisted top 10 faces will be announced on the StrayDog™ website on December 2nd, 2015.
  • The top 10 shortlisted faces will then have to participate in the ‘StrayDog™ Face Off’, a memorable opportunity that demonstrates just how crazy you can get! Details of the StrayDog™ Face Off challenge will be shared with the Top 10 finalists through email.
  • The ‘StrayDog™ Face off’ entries from the top 10 faces will be opened out for public voting on www.straydog.in, from December 9th – December 15th (“Voting Period”).
  • Three entries with the highest votes at the end of the Voting Period, will win the prestigious Face of StrayDog™ title. (Scroll down to know what you get as the face of StrayDog™)
  • The other 7 shortlisted faces- do not be disheartened! We have some good stuff for you too for making it to the top 10! (Scroll down to know more)
  • Make sure you check out our T&C below and in case you still have any query, drop us a line on straydog@timesgroup.com.







What do you get for winning the Face of StrayDog™ contest?

Valid only for the top 3 highest voted entries amongst the shortlisted

  • Each of the three winners will be brand ambassadors for StrayDog™ for a period of 1 month each.
  • Each of the three winners will feature in a StrayDog™ ad that will be launched between December 2015 and May 2016
    • StrayDog™ will publish one Facebook & one Twitter post about you per week for the assigned month
    • StrayDog™ will publish one blog post about your lifestyle, passions, attitude or uniqueness on www.straydog.in during the assigned month.
  • Each winner shall get 10 free tickets to Canvas Laugh Club, Mumbai (valid for 3 months from date of issue)
  • Each winner shall get 2 VIP tickets to Sunburn Goa 2015.







What do you get for making it to the Top 10 shortlist?

Valid only for the other 7 participants who made it to the ‘StrayDog™ Face Off’

  • 5 free tickets to Canvas Laugh Club, Mumbai (valid for 3 months from date of issue)
  • 1 General Admission ticket to Sunburn Goa 2015


  • The last date for submitting your entry for the Face of StrayDog™ contest is November 30th, 2015.
  • This contest is open only to persons living in India. Further, the participants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Only one entry is allowed per person. Please follow the rules given below and instructions given above when submitting your entry for the Face of StrayDog™ contest:
    • Your contest entry picture must be one with you wearing a StrayDog™ Tee purchased from www.voxpop.com only.
    • You must factor in the delivery time of the T-shirts when purchasing the T-shirt for the picture. Late delivery of the T-shirt will not be considered as a valid reason for late entries. Bennett Coleman & Company Limited (“BCCL”), owner of the StrayDog™ brand and/or 21 Trends Private Limited (owner of the brand ‘voxpop’) shall not be responsible for any delay in delivery of T-shirts.
    • BCCL reserves the right to use the material submitted by participants for promotional purposes without the prior consent of the participant or of any other party.
  • All the pictures uploaded on Instagram will be evaluated by a jury selected by BCCL. This jury shall shortlist the top 10 faces and their decision shall be final.
    • The top 10 faces shortlist will be announced on www.straydog.in on December 2nd, 2015.
  • The Canvas Laugh Club, Mumbai tickets gifted to the top 10 winners as gratification will be valid for 3 months from date of issue and shall be subject to availability for any particular show.
  • The Sunburn Goa 2015 tickets gifted to the top 10 winners as gratification will only be valid for the winner and shall be non-transferrable. These tickets will not be valid, and cannot be exchanged, for any other Sunburn event.
  • All expenses incurred to travel/attend a Canvas Laugh Club, Mumbai event or Sunburn Goa 2015 including accommodation, food and beverages or any other expenses shall be borne by the winner. BCCL/21 Trends Private Limited (“21 Trends”) will not reimburse any such expenses.
  • Employees of BCCL or 21 Trends cannot participate in this contest.
  • All expenses incurred to enter this contest such as T-shirt purchase, set up (if any) or travel for the advertisement shoot and/or any other expenses incurred by the participants shall be borne by the participant. BCCL/21 Trends will not reimburse any such expenses.
  • Uploading your picture shall mean that you have given your consent to BCCL to use the picture in any manner BCCL deems fit.
  • Participation in the contest implies full acceptance of the rules of the competition.
  • BCCL reserves the right to change, alter or cancel the contest or its terms and conditions at any time without any notice.

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