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How often have you been asked, “Do you like your job or what made you choose this subject in your final year?” Do you have an answer that doesn’t involve just going with what came along or you were remotely interested in some aspect of this field. Do you really know why you chose where you are now or you just let what came your way assume importance in your life ? Are we really content at the end of the day or we’ve just become so used to the certainty our work brings us. No risks taken, nothing lost. And it’s all okay except for our perpetually exasperated minds. Always looking for something better to come up which would definitely make us happy. We are constantly on the lookout because we are not applying ourselves to what we really love doing.

So if that’s the cause of all our dissatisfaction, why don’t we just do what we like doing? To do something we love, we need to know what we love, what drives us, what captures our mind and fuels our imagination. We need to make space in our auto-pilot way of living each day. We need to risk our comfort and security to engage in something totally different from our mundane activity. We need to be open to criticism cause everyone may not entirely understand why we love what we love. We have to be willing to start anew, be our own cheerleader. More importantly, we should be receptive to new ideas and broaden our ways of thinking, always eager to learn more and get better at it.

If your reading this right now and its making you question whether you spend your day doing work you enjoy or at least doing one thing that makes you happy, then its time to figure out how you can do that. It could be anything from reading autobiographies to collecting postal stamps, making a collage or decorating things in your room. It could even be as simple as taking a walk and observing people around you. It doesn’t necessarily need to end up as a million dollar business, its just supposed to make you feel like it.

Monotony is tempting, resist it! It’s easy and it provides security. But what you think is making you happy is just the lowest version of happiness you could experience. Give your passion some attention. You’ll be pleased you made the time now when you’re young and able. You’ll be 60 before you know it and you’ll wish you had gone fishing more or read more or traveled more.

The clock is ticking, make it worthwhile.



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6 Comments on "DO THAT THING YOU DO"

  1. Wayne Soares

    Hi Pearl

    Fantastic read and ever so inspiring. I was thinking of the different things I would love to do while I scanned through each paragraph and thought to myself, there’s so much I could do.

    I’m definite that this will inspire a lot more people to understand that Arresting Passivity is something we all need to do. Great job!

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