Death of a Barking Deer

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When a tiger crouches in the dark, you learn to be silent. When the scream of a deer pierces the air, you know it has made its kill. My journey to Jim Corbett National Park let me be privy to the workings of the wild and know how harsh life there can be. In the jungle where ‘Eat or Be Eaten’ is the norm, all animals are unknowingly part of a delicate natural balance that I now have a profound respect for. On this journey, I learnt to look at animals as humans, albeit in a different form, with their fears, aspirations, needs – all in place. Where I had expected a TV-like replay of a face off between predator and food, I was only met with¬†stunning natural beauty that these animals call home, and the true joy was seeing them just be in their habitat, as undisturbed as possible.

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12 Comments on "Death of a Barking Deer"

  1. Suraj Brijwani

    Leaves me intrigued to explore more about it, at the same times, triggers a nostalgia of my last visit to Jim Corbett…

    Very rightly said, When we witness a snake or any predator amidst our habitats, we panic and deploy any possible means to shunt it out, even kill it….
    Why shouldn’t the same be applied, when we constantly thud their habitats ?
    Why not there be prosecution for humane trespassing !!

    Well written !

    • Wow, I have to say this is the most ‘well written’ comment as well :) I hadn’t thought of it this way earlier, but it does make sense. More power to the animals! Delighted I could evoke some memories from your last trip there.

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