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In Feb 2015, we made a trip down under. This included a massive 18-day trip from Cairns to The Surfer’s Paradise to Adelaide to watch Ind vs. Pak and then onto Sydney followed by Melbourne and Phillip Island.

Here is an except of the Travel Diary:

The Road trip

It was 17-Feb. My birthday. We flew into Sydney and took a train to the city to checked-in. We were in the heart of the city. We stepped out to walk all around Central Sydney. We explored darling harbor, took a boat ride under the Sydney harbor bridge, headed to the guided tour of the opera house and had some Belgian chocolate at the Guliyan’s café. “Nikhil, we drove on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Now we have to drive on the Sydney Harbour Bridge”, said Arpita and I agreed.

And so it began, the next day was the Road trip, on the Princes Highway, A1 up north first to New Castle, then onto Hunter’s valley followed by Sydney Harbour Bridge and around the coast to Melbourne. (Also known as the Great Pacific Drive)

Read all about it:



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