Cider tasting with Granny Smith, Jonathan, Paula … Troy, Detroit

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Apple Picking

A trip to a farm for apple picking ….that was something new for me.

On a vacation in American, I visited the Blake’s farm, Troy, Michigan and just like the locals, got down and dirty in the farm selecting and picking vegetables and fruits for our meal at my cousin’s home. Having always bought the fruits and vegetables for cooking, I felt spoilt for choice and picked up raspberries, bell-peppers, cherry tomatoes and of course apples of all kinds…the Granny Smiths, Jonathan, Paula Reds, Golden Delicious. With Halloween approaching, we picked up huge pumpkins for carving too!

The farm’s cider was a favourite among truck-loads of people who had turned up for not only picking the fruit but to buy and have a meal at the small food outlet at the farm. We rushed in too but only after a good an hour and a half did we get our share of cider.

The best part was we could eat all the fruit throughout the day without being charged! Only the fruit and vegetables that we intended to take home was weighed at the exit of farm and charged for.

I would love to do it again!

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