Chasing the real Human Flight

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Following a mad passion of skydiving and wingsuiting for the past decade has made me travel many countries and make numerous friends. Its changed the meaning of happiness and satisfaction. Fuelled by adrenaline always ready to jump down a perfectly good airplane just brings about a new perspective in life.

Though I have lost a few friends to the SKY GOD in this dangerous sport it makes me happy to say that they departed doing what they loved the most and had no regrets for it.

Hungary, Austia, California, Florida, Italy, UK and  Dubai  are a few places I’ve had the opportunity to fly and make awesome friends for life.

Travelling with this great adventure sport makes us a part of community but living with each other, flying together and following our passion makes us a fraternity.

In my opinion we should all take time out and pursue a passion. Be it anything and chase it. The journey we embark upon will show us so much more that no routine vacation with a travel itinerary can.

See dreams and make them happen its never too difficult or too late.


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