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Ever participated in a Cosplay Competition?? Then this could be your first!! StrayDog™ Cosplay is a two-day gaming cosplay competition, where it’s as simple as this – put your best game face on and you could take home some great prizes, including a PlayStation 4.

StrayDog™ Cosplay 2015 also has an online leg that is open to the entire gaming community across the country and a must for all the Cosplayers competing at IGX.

IGX is India’s first games expo, with great games and cutting-edge hardware. IGX will also feature new product launches, a merchandise section, chances to win lots of great prizes, and of course, take home lots of free swag.


  1. Cosplayers competing for the StrayDog™ Cosplay 2015 at IGX, must register on , and also participate in the online competition.
  2. The online competition is also open to participants who will not be participating in StrayDog™ Cosplay at IGX.
  3. To participate in the online competition, kindly fill the form below, upload your Cosplay pic and get your friends to vote for you.


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Terms & Conditions for StrayDog™ Cosplay 2015 at IGX.


  1. StrayDog™ Cosplay 2015 will focus purely on gaming cosplay. While this includes video game characters, it is also open to film, anime/manga and comic book characters that have crossed over to gaming. Examples: Mad Max, Batman, Naruto, Pokemon, Transformers.
  2. IGX is a two-day event and so StrayDog™ Cosplay will have winners on both days, with different prizes on offer for each day.
  3. The cosplay artist who wins on Day 1 of StrayDog™ Cosplay 2015 will not be in the running on Day 2, unless he/she is cosplaying as a different character.
  4. StrayDog™ Cosplay will also conduct an online competition, and all cosplay artists registered for IGX must submit their entries for the online competition by November 10th, 11.59 pm.
  5. Cosplay artists from across India who may not be able to attend IGX are also eligible to participate in the online competition.
  6. Prizes for the two-day competition at IGX may either be presented at IGX itself or will be sent to the winners shortly after the event.
  7. Online Competition Details:
    • Entries for the StrayDog™ Cosplay online competition will be accepted from November 1 to November 10 (11.59 pm), following which everyone will have a chance to vote for their favourite cosplay. (Voting Period: November 11th, 12 am – November 13th 11.59 pm)
    • Winners for the StrayDog™ Cosplay competition at IGX will be picked by an IGX-selected jury.
    • The cut-off date for online registering for StrayDog™ Cosplay 2015 at IGX is November 10, 2015.
    • The winner of the online competition will receive a StrayDog™ Cosplay hamper containing games, merchandise and tickets to StrayDog™ experiences and product vouchers, which will be sent to winners post-IGX.
    • Costume parameters as mentioned below must be followed for the online competition as well.
  8. Costume Details:
    • Cosplay artists are responsible for their own belongings. IGX cannot provide a secure area for attendees’ storage.
    • For security reasons, costumes and props cannot contain metal.
    • Costumes must be designed using materials that do not create a mess or leave residue at the venue. For example: glitter, powder, etc.
    • Costumes should provide enough coverage to be worn in public and should be appropriate for a family audience.
    • No statements containing profanity or political/religious commentary – including messages on costumes or props – will be allowed.
    • Spot registrations for StrayDog™ Cosplay 2015 at IGX will also be accepted at the StrayDog™ Cosplay booth at IGX. However, they will not be eligible for the online competition. This will be accepted under unforeseen circumstances.

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