This is who we are

Bold and Irreverent, StrayDogTM is for the Free Spirited.

Bold and irreverent, StrayDog is for the free spirited. For those who don’t want to be tied down by the mundane. For those who choose to be free.


Established in 2014, StrayDogTM appeals to youth who ‘Choose to be free’. Break the routine and let their passion live on! StrayDogTM will be at the places you party, seen with the people you rub shoulders with & spotted on everything you desire. Youth are the centre of our being, so own up and be a part of this pack!


In the past year, StrayDogTM has been to the biggest festivals (Stage 42, Sunburn & NH7 Weekender), co-created youth comedy nights with CLC, adventure travel packages with Travelyaari and lots of other minion things especially for you.


The coming year has lots in store and we are waiting to hear from you and co-create with you. So let’s make our journey together epic!

StrayDog Jamroom – “This is where you rock!!”

“I’m a teenager, my music will tell you a lot more about me than my mouth ever could’

It’s always more fun when you jam with some of your favorite music artists or with your own buds. Upload it here to get featured on the craziest jamming gallery and be viewed by millions. Watch this space to want to know where StrayDogTM Jamroom is travelling to next


StrayDog Nights – “A live platform to unleash yourself!!”

‘No one remembers ALL the party nights, you just remember the epic ones!!’

Partying till you drop just got old school. Party with StrayDog to revolutionize your nights – they are entertaining, unique, interactive and above all, the best stage to make your debut. If you’re looking for some full loaded fun, new talent and great deals you’ve found your guide.

StrayDog Booth – “You will want to kick yourself for having missed it!!”

‘You’re only given a little spark of madness, you mustn’t lose it’

Designed for ultimate craziness, freedom and individual expression, the StrayDog Booth has only one rule: no holds barred! Be your insane self and leave a mark to inspire or challenge others. Materialized in the form of a photo booth, dance booth and game booth, StrayDog Booth has tickled the funny and creative side of most. Browse below to LOL also share your favorites!

If you have any videos that are outrageously funny, daring or simply skillful, upload it here to reach more fans.

StrayDog Adventure – “New Places, New Experiences, New Adventures, with your pack that matters!!”

Life is either a daring Adventure or nothing!

If you’re looking for offbeat, edgy, outdoorsy, bold, you’ve come to the right place. StrayDog Adventures is your code to unlock some of the awesomest package trips, travel gear and other daring strays.

Let’s see what you’re all about. Share your videos/pics/stories of your wildest moments and maybe the force may be with you!