Boat trip to the Land Before Time

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life is always in motion, move with it. 

Somethings in life are better  unplanned. Seeing a  few pictures  of this place,  got me on the bus  the next day .My  first time on the road by alone.

Hampi, it takes you back in time, the  Grass lands , rocks, Temples and  the ruins still preserved, once being one of the richest cities in the world. 
I met a few other travelers there.  I joined them for a hike and leading to the Cobra Temple. It was a deep in the caves had sunlight coming , falling on the Shivling at the center. A chanting sadhu, few people meditating and a Tibetan Singing Bowl , I could fee the energy and the peaceful vibes it had. The night had a jamming session with a digridoo as our lead instrument.
The next day we got together , hired some scooters  rode up to Tungabhadra Dam. Jumped off a cliff  into the reservoir. I was scared at first , But the exhilaration instantly took over.

The word limit compels me to stop , I could go on . In short Hampi changed my perspective on people , nature and living like stationary machines.


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