Out of the Blue

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I held my breath as a large manta ray glided through the water. Alien-like, its mouth was open wide as it headed straight towards me. In one smooth movement, it curved to the right, its fin narrowly missing my head. It then executed two perfect somersaults underwater. I adjusted my mask and took a deep breath through my scuba regulator as I surveyed the scene around me. Dozens of manta rays were performing some kind of an underwater ballet in the sea. Dark grey on the top and white below, they looked like fighter jets, flying in formation with their long fins resembling wings.

I turned to witness an even more incredible sight. Out of the blue, a large dark shape floated towards us. A whale shark! It was also feeding, its wide, flat mouth open wide as it slowly swam towards the centre of the action. I stared at in disbelief, as I realized it was bigger than the boat we had arrived in!

I hung weightless in the vast blue waters as these mystical, giant creatures swooped and twirled around me, performing their graceful dance. For a while, it was like visiting another world, or someone else’s dream.

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