“Betaab” (Valley) in Kashmir!

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“If the road is easy, you’re likely going the wrong way”.While leaving Mumbai just to explore the beautiful “Betaab valley” for its flowers in the summer of Kashmir,little did I know I was guaranteed for a unexpected snowfall. A snowfall which Kashmiris themselves hadn’t experienced in past 50 yrs. Unarmed, unguarded, and unplanned, the snow white had made my fears tight, as cold was my childhood terror- One of the reasons why i was heading to Kashmir in Summer ! But determined to complete the trip I hired a MUV to reach the gate of the valley through snowpacked roads.I then marched ahead like a tigress to explore the unknown and the beautiful ,for the heart was always “Betaab” for this valley and its people. Walking through gallop of Snow to see the caves where the pandavas lived, to catch the glimpse of the route to the holy amaranth and to witness where the famous movie “Betaab” was shot. Deep in white carpet ,I was mesmerized by this heaven on earth, wondering sometimes, somethings have to go wrong in order to go right. 5 yrs since, the heart’s still “Betaab” for Kashmir!

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