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Kareri lake is at a height of 10,500 ft above sea level near Mcleodganj that remains frozen in the winter months till April.  Five women all in our 40’s decided to put our spirit of adventure and stamina to test and set out on an ardous hike blissfully unaware of what the trail entailed.

Thank god for splashes in icy streams and stretching out under pine trees along the way that provided some respite from the sweltering May sun. The base camp was in a village homestay with the friendliest inhabitants and the tents were pitched out in the fields. The homes women folk really warmed up to us and what followed was a night filled with laughter and bonhomie and us sharing a drink with them. Next day, our longest stretch of climbing (19 kms) that we survived despite slipping and falling multiple times on the glacier and one slowing down by an injured knee. The sight of the high altitude lake though washed away all aches and pains. We got smarter on the way back and sledged down the trickier frozen path squealing with laughter and enjoying ourselves thoroughly.

At Kareri lake

At Kareri lake

Pitched our tents on the corn field

slipping on ice

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