Atoned Pleasure..!!!

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Not always but often we tend to head out in search for reality .
And not often but always seem like the most difficult but also the most required task to do.
This was the epiphany I had on my recent visit to Kodaikannal – A land of beauty and mystery. Altho jus two days spent , the fresh air there rid me of the nicotine content in my body and the people there cleared and my brain of all things human.  I was at peace. The limitless skies and the vast hills has still got be baffled . Thats all a man really needs to be free and one with himself really.
But Alas, all good things come to an end but mine did cause of the unlimited calls from mum reminding me that Im missing on a weekend. Oh well my trip was the best I had unwinded enough and taken enough of positivity from this place to last me till I return soon.
And as I left the place I thought to myself – Nature had embraced me just as much I had embraced it. Atoned pleasure.

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