And The Angels Landed

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Zion National Park, in Utah, USA, is home to some strenuous hikes, including the famous ‘Angel’s Landing’. At 5790 feet, it’s dubbed one of the toughest hikes in USA.

As we started, the 3.4km hike quickly became a tough uphill climb. Then, “Walter’s Wiggles” loomed upon us – a series of 21 steep switchbacks! Panting up the path, we dug deep to reach the “Scout’s Lookout”.

This was our last chance to turn back (lots of folks did) – the 2-hour climb so far, tired us out, stretched us to the limit, and then, threw up the last half mile – a narrow path, barely wide enough for one person, with sheer drops on both sides, up a steep slope that leads to the summit. One needs to hold onto the chains put up on this path, to keep from falling into the abyss! So far, five hikers have died on this leg.

We clambered up steep, slippery rocks, willing ourselves not to look down. On reaching the summit, we were rewarded for our toil with one of the most magnificent views of our lives – a panorama of the spectacular Zion Canyon! Drop along the path drops along the climb Walters wiggles Zion Panorama-atop Angels landing1

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