Alis Volat Propriis,,,,she who flies with her own wings!!

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I do not shy away from proclaiming myself as an adrenaline junkie who craves to find one or the other way to sooth the freak in me.
And what better way than sky dive to add another feather in my traveler’s hat.
I was in London for an onsite assignment. It just so happened that i came across one of the advertisement about sky-dive and that was the moment i thought its high time to tick the long due jump off my wish list( not a jump from the cliff :D).
I started with my home work. Contacted friends who would join me. Two of the generous one agreed to echo my slogan, Lets jump!! 😀
Then i zeroed in on the skydive academy from where we will be doing it.
Date fixed, tickets booked, train tickets from London to Swindon booked and we were ready!
it was July, 2013 reached the venue and wohoo! before i could realize i was in the falling. shouting. screaming. appreciating the beauty around and drooling down and down and down!

An unforgettable moment for which i would love to re-live my life. But like they say, this is not the end!!

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