An adrenalin charged escapade down a tropical canyon

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Canyoning involves navigating down a gorge carved by flowing rapids. A team of six of us geared up to tackle an exacting section of the Zuari River that flows through the lush expanse of rainforest in Netravali, Goa.

A fleet of thick blackened thunderclouds further complicated what already promised to be a challenge; a heavy downpour can inundate the river leading to a flash flood, sweeping boulders and logs down the river.

With booming thunder ominously ringing in our ears, we set off, bushwhacking our way through the thick undergrowth leading up to a sheer cliff featuring the Mainapi waterfall crashing over it; the start of our expedition. No sooner did we attach our equipment than the skies brought down a torrent of rain. We could either retreat or race down the canyon in under two hours to evade the deluge.

A hasty vote led to a frenetic few hours of jumping off cliffs into deep pools of water, rappelling over waterfalls, sliding down natural rock chutes and swimming in rapids. Racing against rising water levels and the deadly debris bulldozing down the river behind us, we traversed the flooding waterway at breakneck speed to solid land.

Rappelling down a cascading waterfall

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