About Us

About Us:


Bold and Irreverent, StrayDogTM is for the Free Spirits.

For the crazy passionate ones, who have an opinion and aren’t afraid to voice it. For those who believe that they can, and will, change the world.


Established in 2014, StrayDogTM appeals to youth who ‘Choose to be free’. Challenge status quo, believe in infinite possibilities, dream and achieve! StrayDogTM will be at the places you party, seen with the people you rub shoulders with & spotted on everything you desire. Youth are the centre of our being, so own up and be a part of this pack!


In the past year, StrayDogTM has been to the biggest festivals (Sunburn & NH7 Weekender, Stage 42), co-created youth comedy nights with CLC, adventure travel packages with Travelyaari and lots of other minion things especially for you.


The coming year has lots in store and we are waiting to hear from you and co-create with you. So lets make our journey together epic!


StrayDogTM is a trademark owned by Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd. (The Times Group)