A date with Zimbali

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A date with Zimbali! What a day that was – we had been to Mauritius in June 2015, to celebrate 25th anniversary of our wedding, and the first thing we decided in itinerary was – Interaction with Cheetahs! Myself and my wife, both are nature lovers and we wanted to interact with Cheetahs in the Casela National Park in Mauritius. And we did it! It was a great experience! Zimbali – the female Cheetah in the Park was free, without any chains, belts etc and we (we two and the attendants) were also without any weapon, with only a stick in our hands. But Zimbali, the Cheetah was a nice girl! She sensed our confident and positive patting without any fear, and allowed us to pat on her neck and back… That experience reconfirmed our belief that animals are our friends, and we must give them their due habitat and freedom to live in this world!

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